The vineyards composing Santar Vila Jardim Wines owe their existence to the Santar families’ long knowledge of winemaking, passed down through generations.

We strive to make each vineyard’s specificity apparent in the wine that comes from it.

Condes de santar e magalhães vineyard

In 2007, the Countess of Santar e Magalhães asked her son Pedro for a small-sized vineyard which her grandchildren would be able to look after. So in 2007 a unique concept was born – Vinha Jardim, or ‘Garden Vineyard’ – which first originated the Conde de Santar wine and nowadays produces the Memórias de Santar wine, as a tribute to all the locals who contributed to the vineyard landscape of Santar.

In this unique land plot, integrated into the historical garden of the Condes de Santar e Magalhães House, in granitic and schist-migmatitic soil, two premium varieties were planted, representing the best from their respective countries of origin: Touriga Nacional from Portugal and Merlot from France.


Hotel valverde santar vineyard

Every vineyard is a garden; one of the oldest expressions of what a garden is can be seen in a vineyard. Beside a pool, an olive tree, a cypress, a palm tree, a lemon tree and a boxwood flower bed. Going to the vineyard has always meant going to that most intimate part of the garden, where the wonderful grape

was harvested, to give us all the concentrated flavour of the alchemy between earth and sun. Thus the undulating Santar vineyard, in the Hotel Valverde Santar, exhibits the geometric expression of the intimate experience that opens onto the landscape, lived as a dream when seen from the heights of its belvedere. The vineyard is surrounded by Olea fragrans shrubs, whose dark middle leaf shows the frailty of its delicately perfumed flowering. The inner roads are surrounded by Choisya ternata hedges and a Mexican orange tree with light green leaves which, in contrast, enhances in spring and autumn

the scented white flower reminding us of citrus fruits; in the middle, some arbutus, laurels and cypresses, alongside some paulownias which will give us their marvelous blue flowers in the spring. Everywhere in the vineyard there is biodiversity – plants, flowers, fruits and also birds coming to protect their nests and feed on such delicious fruit.

It is a special place. Sitting at the top of the whole project, it looks onto the whole Estrela mountain range, which shelters and protects this vineyard in  Santar Vila Jardim that, each year when autumn comes, gives its best wine.

Fernando Caruncho

Ibérico nogueira vineyard

Belonging to the Ibérico Nogueira family, it is a part of the Santar Vila Jardim project.
Its vineyard garden, planted with the Touriga Nacional variety, lies at the centre of the village of Santar. Its exposure and high position allow for excellent grape maturation and a magnificent view over the biological vegetable gardens, bounded by vines, that were created within the project. The Estrela range can also be seen in the distance.

Magnólia vineyard

Belonging to the Loureiro Portugal family, it is a part of the Santar Vila Jardim project. Its vineyard garden, small in size and bounded by carved boxwood hedges with pyramids at regular intervals, was once the house’s orchard and vegetable garden. The ‘carreiras’ take visitors along the garden and let them enjoy the landscape framed by the Estrela range, between two plots planted with white varieties – Encruzado and Alvarinho.

Nossa senhora da piedade vineyard

Belonging to the Gomes family, it is a part of the Santar Vila Jardim Wines project. Monte de Lobo lies on the plateau of Santar, between two mountain ranges – Estrela and Caramulo – at an altitude of 388 m, enjoying clear exposure.

The Touriga Nacional and Malvasia Fina varieties are planted on a soil of granitic origin, with a light texture, low levels of organic matter and low water retention capacity. High maturation amplitudes originate fresh, mineral and highly complex wines.