A centuries-old wine cellar, equipped with state-of-the-art vinification technology

The main goal of Santar Vila Jardim Wines is to fully exploit,

to the advantage of its wines’ originality and complexity, the combinations of different grape varieties contributed by the various plots.

Inverted tronco-conical vats

Pedro de Vasconcellos e Souza stresses that, apart from the vats’ elegant aesthetics, in enological terms we need to extract the best from the grapes. During the alcoholic fermentation stage of red wines, these vats, thanks to their inverted conical shape, allow for a wider contact interface between the vinic mass and the must. This results in improved colour extraction and a better balance between tannic structure, fat and sweetness, avoiding bitterness and minimizing the grapes’ plant character. In the dynamic stage called “délastage”, the vats’ conical shape favours self-pressing through the action of gravity, resulting in a 5% to 7% increase in liquid volume.

This technique prevents the wine becoming too concentrated. It will instead be a fruity red endowed with elegance, finesse and singularity.