The Santar Vila Jardim Wines project stems from Santar Vila Jardim – – a project which brought together several gardens in the historical village of Santar, breaking down walls, making bridges, connecting spaces, enabling us to visit a historical village and its cultural heritage by moving through these green corridors.

This adega (wine cellar) was built by D. José Pedro Paulo de Mello da Cunha de Souza e Meneses in 1911, being located at the end of the gardens in the Santar e Magalhães House.

It was here that the wines Condessa de Santar and Conde de Santar were born, with many stories accumulating over the years; these we have kept in our memories and now want to share. They recall scents, flavours and emotions, a body of knowledge passed down through generations.

In 2020, Santar Vila Jardim Wines fitted the wine cellar with state-of-the-art winemaking technology, so as to ensure that the carefully selected grapes from the various gardens would originate wines of superior quality.

Santar Vila Jardim Branco – White
Santar Vila Jardim Tinto Reserva – Red
Memórias de Santar – Red