The biophysical characteristics of the territory where Santar is located, and its solar exposure, have long determined the prevalence of viticulture in this region.

The Dão region stands out due to the irregular nature of its relief, which causes marked microclimatic variations of great import to viticulture and the qualities of wine. Bound by high granite mountains on three sides – Serra da Estrela, Serra do Caramulo, and Serra da Nave -, the region is sheltered from the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, and so enjoys the benefits of a tempered climate. Summers are dry and warm, while winters are cold and rainy, with a large thermal amplitude. The soil is sandy, originating from granite and shale, and well drained. All these factors favour the production of high-quality wines.

The Santar Vila Jardim project brings together the vineyard gardens of several houses: Condes de Santar e Magalhães House, Ibérico Nogueira House, Hotel Valverde Santar House, Vinha Solar N. S. Piedade and Magnólia House. In these gardens, great wine varieties are matched to an exceptional terroir.

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